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Triwizard Tournament T-Shirt

Harry Potter KIDS (XS): CR1500KIDS

Harry Potter S: CR1500S

Harry Potter M: CR1500M

Harry Potter L: CR1500L

Harry Potter XL: CR1500XL

Draco Malfoy KIDS (XS): CR1501KIDS

Draco Malfoy S: CR1501S

Draco Malfoy M: CR1501M

Draco Malfoy L: CR1501L

Draco Malfoy XL: CR1501XL

Cedric Diggory KIDS (XS): CR1502KIDS

Cedric Diggory S: CR1502S

Cedric Diggory M: CR1502M

Cedric Diggory L: CR1502L

Cedric Diggory XL: CR1502XL

Cho Chang KIDS (XS): CR1503KIDS

Cho Chang S: CR1503S

Cho Chang M: CR1503M

Cho Chang L: CR1503L

Cho Chang XL: CR1503XL

Product size in packaging: 27 x 25 x 0.5 cm

Type of packaging: Reusable PVC Envelope


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