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We can source, design, deliver, and receive license approval for our clients under our portfolio of epic licences. 

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How we Create


Our in-house designers based in Hong Kong and France are experts in the design of licensed merchandises and are passionate with the world of pop-culture. Thus, our design team is an integral pillar to our operations and success.


We guide our clients from the initial creative conception to production files. It is among our strength to handle the 360-degree development of the product design aspect including all the necessary approvals.


Cross-collaboration among our passionate and talented design and marketing team allows us to gain footing and adapt quickly to new trends and styles that refreshes our collections with new designs and products.

The high quality design, layout and content that goes into every new product adds value and assures you of the recognition you need in this competitive marketplace.

Our team ensures that in every product we deliver, it presents with it our originality and innovation key to the conception of high quality design that resonates to the demand of the market.

How we Manufacture

From the initial design to production and finally dispatch of our products, we are committed to bringing our clients an efficient service that would result to a quick turnaround. Some premium products are 100% made in France or in Italy while some of them are made in China. Our team of experts verifies and ensures adherence to standards and current international regulations. We also conduct social audits intended to monitor the compliance of our service providers with our code of conduct.


With the strong assurance of delivering the best for our clients, our sourcing team guarantees great understanding and expertise of our clients requests. We have gained competence in our manufacturing process by using the highest quality of fabrics, wood, metal, resin, plastic, PVC and ABS


Our Cinereplicas™, Elly la Fripouille® merchandises are made to meet the highest standards and offer a great range to satisfy every customer globally. 

Our Logistics Platform

To ensure the optimal supply for our customers, our network is sustained by our comprehensive freight network and branches in France, Hong Kong and in the USA.


We can build your merchandise for you! 

We know the importance of branded merchandising in building and increasing your brand equity.


Our many years of trading and merchandise experience are combined with our passion of developing products that bring success and satisfaction to you. 

Our strength lies in our ability to provide you with the highest quality and most diverse branded products, including clothing, stationery, water bottles, household items, silicone molds, and accessories.

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