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WW Keyring Plush

Harry Potter: CR2731

Draco Malfoy: CR2732

Hermione Granger: CR2733

Albus Dumbledore: CR2734

Harry Potter Triwizard: CR2741

Cedric Diggory Triwizard: CR2742

Dobby: CR2743

Rubeus Hagrid: CR2744

Lord Voldemort: CR2745

Luna Lovegood: CR2746

Ron Weasley: CR2747

Fleur Delacour: CR2748

Viktor Krum: CR2749

Newt Scamander: CR2739

Niffler: CR2738

Chocolate frog: CR2735

Dobby NEW: CR2736

Hedwig: CR2737

Product size: 12 x 6 cm

Product size in packaging: 12 x 6 cm

Type of packaging: Hangtag

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