FAME BROS Limited is an international trading house active in textile.


FAME BROS Limited is a family-owned private entrepreneurial company based in Hong Kong with offices and facilities in Europe and USA.

Over the years, it has built a strong network and developed an excellent relationship with its business partners.


The business team has earned an enviable reputation for its commitment and prompt service.
As the company continues to evolve and expand, the third generation of the family has taken up the challenge of upholding these values in today’s complex global markets. 

We are strategically based in Hong Kong with representative offices in France and USA.


Being a European (French) managed company, we understand clearly the needs of our customers. 
Our strength relies on our buying capabilities through an extensive network of selected suppliers and on our team of quality controllers trained and managed by European textile engineers.

Fame Bros Limited focuses on innovation and the endless pursuit of excellence, productivity, and quality. These are the essential components to our success. 

Providing high quality and innovative products to our customers is important to our company. In addition, we understand the importance of being a responsible company to our employees, customers, supply chain, and other social and environmental stakeholders when we are doing business. 



Established in 2004, Cinereplicas is a world known brand for licensing merchandise especialy with "Harry Potter".

Over the past 14 years Cinereplicas has been under contract with the most prestigious entertainment company in the world such as Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Chorion, Nickelodeon or NBA.

Cinereplicas is selling millions of products every year in 29 differents countries.


Since 2011, Elly la Fripouille designs sunprotective UPF50+ swimsuit for kids and babies all over the world. With workshop in Deauville, one of the most "chic" and trendy city in France, Elly la Fripouille products are made from the finest ateliers in France, Italy and Asia.

Elly la Fripouille swimwear can be bought in 14 differents countries such as South Korea, USA, Japan, Peru, Hong Kong, France and UK.



French natives husband and wife Audray and Fabrice settled in

Hong Kong in 2013 and founded Fame Bros. Limited the same year.

Former lawyer, Audray evolves the brand "Elly la Fripouille"created in France

in 2011 and also takes back all "Cinereplicas" products development.

Fabrice, business school graduates, expands his new vision for "Cinereplicas"

and "Elly la Fripouille" by promoting both brands to new customers worldwide.

Audray and Fabrice are happy parents of 3 kids.

Audray & Fabrie Bensoussan